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Hi!  I'm lú~

Hailing from Salamanca, Spain, I now call Southern California home.  I have a BA in Art History and Conservation and Restoration of Archaeological Artifacts.  At the beginning of my career, you could find me restoring a mosaic on the site of an ancient town, an altarpiece in a church, wall paintings in the middle of the jungle in Mexico, or being in a classroom teaching how to intervene in archaeological assets.

After studying graphic design in San Diego, I started working in the design and publishing industry and did promotional items for businesses, such as logos, stickers, business cards, banners, and video production.  My attention to detail and a keen eye for design and proportion complement my photographic skills and allow me to create unique, usable, and striking designs.

I believe that a world with better graphics can bring people together with affinity interests.

I feel comfortable facing challenges, and proactive in finding solutions to any project.  I am a self-motived, positive, and empathic person who enjoys learning from others and exchanging ideas with them. 

I am currently working freelance and would be pleased to learn more about you or your company.


To help companies and professionals with Graphic Design, Printing, Marketing, Identity, and Brand Positioning Services.  To improve their visual presence in their commercial strategy; to differentiate them from their competition while creating bonds of trust to maintain and grow their audience and sales.



  • To be an excellent Graphic Designer recognized for her work.

  • To have extensive knowledge and professionalism.

  • To have my own studio building strong communities that care about the environment, human, and animal rights, helping small, medium, or big businesses to make their projects real. 

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